Pier Decking for Florida

Pier Decking for Florida

ThruFlow™ gives you access to the ideal pier decking to complete your deck installation. ThruFlow™ pier decking provides durability for piers, docks, decks, marinas and walkways and always remains affordable. Choose from a large selection of pier decking colors and sizes.

Advanced Grated Pier Decking

Thanks to an especially secure non-slip platform and easy assembly, ThruFlow™ has grown to be the top pier decking provider in Florida. ThruFlow™ pier decking has made an impact on the pier building industry in Florida, who view ThruFlow™ pier decking materials as the absolute best choice over outdated wood or Aluminum decking. ThruFlow™ pier decking avoids traditional maintenance required with piers, helping you save time and money keeping your pier functional.

Hassle Free Pier Decking

ThruFlow™ pier decking avoids the traditional issues found with piers, including leaching, mildew, rot and insect growth, while never needing pre-treatment, allowing you to fully enjoy your pier decking.

UV Resistant Pier Decking

With ThruFlow™, your pier decking is protected from the elements, being both fresh and saltwater proof and UV resistant, allowing your pier decking to look clean in any Florida weather.

Protect your pier decking investment and the environment with ThruFlow™, offering an advanced open decking system, minimizing damage from waves and storm surge and protecting marine life.

1Purchase Pier Decking Materials Online

Let the ThruFlow™ pier decking team provide you with premium customer service and promptly shipping your pier decking materials to you in Florida. Your ThruFlow™ pier decking materials are all protected by a long lasting 12 year warranty against manufacturer defects, making ThruFlow™ pier decking the well built choice.

Choose ThruFlow™ pier decking for the highest quality pier decking materials available.