Pier Decking For Louisiana

Pier Decking For Louisiana

Complete your next pier, walkway, deck, dock, or marina in Louisiana with ThruFlow™ pier decking, the durable and long lasting choice. ThruFlow™ pier decking is always affordable, and is available in a large selection of colors and sizes.

Advanced Grated Pier Decking

ThruFlow™ has quickly grown to become one of the most popular pier decking suppliers in Louisiana, as ThruFlow™ provides a pier decking with a secure non-slip grated surface. ThruFlow™ remains the top choice for pier builders in Louisiana, who recognize that ThruFlow™ pier decking remains the superior option over traditional wood or aluminum pier decking, as ThruFlow™ is completely maintenance free, giving you pier decking that never requires refinishing.

Hassle Free Pier Decking

ThruFlow™ pier decking has a non microbial surface, removing potential issues such as leaching, rot, insect growth, and mildew, while never requiring pre-treatment.

UV Resistant Pier Decking Materials

No matter how hot the sun in Louisiana, ThruFlow™ pier decking remains cool to the touch, providing complete UV and water resistance, keeping your pier decking protected.

With an advanced open decking design, ThruFlow™ pier decking ensures the surrounding environment receives maximum light penetration while minimizing damage from rough waters.

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Experience only the best in customer service with the ThruFlow™ team, on hand to ensure prompt delivery of your pier decking materials to you in Louisiana. With ThruFlow™ pier decking, you get peace of mind, as all ThruFlow™ materials are equipped with a 12 year warranty against defects.