Pier Decking for Ontario

Pier Decking for Ontario

ThruFlow™ pier decking is your ideal solution for your decking installation, providing longevity for marinas, docks, piers, walkways and decks. ThruFlow™ pier decking remains affordable and versatile and comes in a wide variety of colours and sizes to fit your design.

Secure Grated Pier Decking Surfacing

ThruFlow™ has quickly become the most popular choice for pier decking materials in Ontario, as ThruFlow™ provides a safe non-slip surface and easy assembly that has caught the attention of the pier building industry in Ontario, who deem ThruFlow™ pier decking materials as the best choice for replacing old fashioned wood or Aluminum decking. ThruFlow™ pier decking is upkeep free, conserving your time and energy caring for your pier.

Non-microbial Pier Decking

ThruFlow™ allows you to enjoy your pier decking without the common issues such as mildew, leaching, rot and insect growth while avoiding time consuming pre-treatment as ThruFlow™ pier decking is non microbial.

Waterproof Pier Decking Materials

ThruFlow™ keeps your pier decking protected from the elements as it is waterproof and provides full UV resistance, keeping your pier decking looking new through the worst Ontario weather.

With an advanced design, ThruFlow™ pier decking integrates an open decking system, protecting your pier decking from waves and storm surge while remaining eco-friendly.

Discover Pier Decking Materials Online

We take pride in offering premium customer service, and the ThruFlow™ team always ensure prompt delivery of your pier decking materials to Ontario. Our pier decking materials are protected by a 12 year warranty, guarding your pier decking from manufacturer defects, making ThruFlow™ pier decking your long lasting choice.

ThruFlow™ pier decking is your best choice when you require a high quality pier decking product.