Plastic Decking for the Netherlands

Plastic Decking for the Netherlands

ThruFlow™ provides the ideal plastic decking materials for deck builders and contractors in the Netherlands who require plastic decking that offers superior strengths for a variety of projects. ThruFlow™ plastic decking is a long lasting, durable, and affordable solution, available in a wide range of sizes and colors.

Premium Plastic Decking Material

ThruFlow™ plastic decking provides an advanced non-slip decking surface that gives deck builders in the Netherlands a modern update to old fashioned wood or Aluminum decking. ThruFlow™ plastic decking relieves you of any traditional decking maintenance, as ThruFlow™ plastic decking never needs to be re-stained or refinished, and avoids the usual corrosion experienced with Aluminum decking.

Enjoy Advanced Plastic Decking

ThruFlow™ plastic decking is designed to allow for maximum light and water penetration, helping to protect the environment beneath your plastic decking in the Netherlands. ThruFlow™ plastic decking remains easy to assemble, and has a long life, even in rough water conditions. ThruFlow™ helps to relieve the dock from the full force of waves and storm surge, as ThruFlow™’s plastic decking allows water to penetrate up through the decking.

Weather Friendly Plastic Decking

ThruFlow™ plastic decking remains fresh and saltwater resistant, while providing complete UV resistance, ensuring your plastic decking remains bright and clean and cool to the touch even under the hottest sun in the Netherlands. ThruFlow™ plastic decking is also a non-microbial surface, meaning it prevents the formation of rot, mildew, and insect growth.

Order ThruFlow™ Plastic Decking Online

Enjoy fast shipping and superior customer service and support from the ThruFlow™ plastic decking team, ready to dispatch your plastic decking materials to you in the Netherlands today. ThruFlow™ plastic decking materials are also protected by a 12 warranty against manufacturer defects, giving you peace of mind.