Solar Dock For New England

Solar Dock For New England

ThruFlow™ provides ideal solar dock options for dock owners and builders in the New England area. Enjoy our fully integrated solar dock panels that provide your New England dock with the ability to efficiently power your boat lift, safety lights, and any other electrical devices as you experience the cost effectiveness and simplicity of your solar dock through the years.

ThruFlow™ solar panels are provided to New England in grey and maple options, providing a reliable, durable, and affordable solar dock solution.

Why Choose ThruFlow™ Solar Dock Panels?

Our solar dock panels are highly efficient, allowing you to enjoy a power source directly on your dock, offering fewer wires and easier ongoing maintenance. Choosing a solar powered dock means a quieter and safer area than generator based docks that rely on an external power supply. ThruFlow™ solar power dock panels are not only cost-effective, they are the premium choice for the environment and your community.

Beneficial ThruFlow™ Solar Dock Panels

ThruFlow™ solar dock panels are available to New England and are designed to function well in various weather conditions and temperatures, unlike electrical driven docks that are often in need of costly repairs, especially in unpredictable New England weather conditions.

ThruFlow™ solar powered dock panels present a variety of benefits:

  • A Power Output of 12-13.8 Volt / 2 Amp / 24 Watt
  • A 1300+ lbs load capacity and non-slip surface
  • Solar dock products weighing less that competitors: 1.4 lbs/ft²
  • Top UV protection to keep your dock looking fresh
  • Protected with a lifetime limited warranty from manufacturer defects
  • Solar cells are safe to be walked on with bare feet
  • Compatible with any ThruFlow™ Series 4’ Panels
  • Prompt shipping to New England

Select your ThruFlow™ Solar Powered Dock Panels

We only provide the best in service and support! ThruFlow™ solar panels are on hand to be shipped to your location in New England or beyond.

Call to review your solar dock project needs today, or locate your closest solar dock panel dealer for New England today.