Storm Surge Decking for Australia

Storm Surge Decking for Australia

ThruFlow™ storm surge decking is your solution in Australia for storm surge decking materials that keep your deck protected through the most powerful storms. Deck builders and contractors choose ThruFlow™ storm surge decking first, as ThruFlow™ provides a versatile and durable surface that remains affordable. Choose from a wide range of colors and sizes with ThruFlow™ storm surge decking.

A Status Like No Other

With an innovative design and focus on safety and durability, ThruFlow™ has grown to become the number one storm surge decking supplier in Australia. Aussie deck builders appreciate ThruFlow™’s non-slip surface and ease of assembly, choosing ThruFlow™ storm surge decking over old fashioned Aluminum or wood decking materials. ThruFlow™ storm surge decking is completely waterproof and designed to minimize the impact of storm surge.

Effortless Decking Materials

ThruFlow™ helps make your deck installation easy, by offering storm surge decking materials that never need to be pre-treated and are non microbial, ensuring you are safe from mildew, rot, leaching, and insect growth.

State Of The Art Storm Surge Decking

We’ve built ThruFlow™ storm surge decking materials to be waterproof and able to withstand heavy storms, allowing water to easily pass through its grated design. ThruFlow™ decking remains protected as it minimizes the lifting effect from waves and storm surge, making your deck durable and eco-friendly. ThruFlow™’s state of the art storm surge decking design also allows it to remain cool to the touch under the hot Australian summer sun, thanks to ThruFlow™’s superior UV resistance.

Order Your ThruFlow™ Storm Surge Decking

ThruFlow™ gives you only the best in service and support, and the ThruFlow™ dispatch team are set to ensure promptly delivery of your storm surge decking materials to you in Australia. Enjoy peace of mind with your storm surge decking, as ThruFlow™ products are covered by a 12 year warranty against defects. At last, a long lasting and maintenance free decking solution thanks to ThruFlow™ storm surge decking materials.