Storm Surge Decking for New England

Storm Surge Decking for New England

For durable and versatile storm surge decking materials, deck builders and contractors in New England turn to ThruFlow™, providing storm surge decking that is unparalleled in strength and longevity. ThruFlow™ storm surge decking remains affordable while providing a secure and sturdy deck platform able to withstand the most powerful storms, while also coming in a wide selection of colors and sizes.

A Leader In The Industry

ThruFlow™ is the number one storm surge decking provider in New England, boasting a non-slip surface that puts your safety first, and an innovative waterproof design that lasts. Deck builders in New England are quickly flocking to ThruFlow™ storm surge decking, as ThruFlow™ provides an easy assembly and has become the top replacement choice for old fashioned Aluminum or wood decking materials. ThruFlow™ storm surge decking remains maintenance free, helping you completely avoid costly and time consuming decking maintenance.

Problem Free Decking Materials

ThruFlow™ keeps your storm surge decking installation easy, providing decking materials that are pre-treatment free and offer a non microbial surface, protecting your decking materials from insect growth, leaching, mildew, and rot.

Storm Surge Protected Decking

Designed to withstand heavy storms, ThruFlow™ storm surge decking materials allow water to pass freely through it’s grated surface, drastically reducing the lifting effect from damaging waves and storm surge and protecting the surrounding environment. ThruFlow™ storm surge decking materials are completely waterproof and offer UV resistance, ensuring your storm surge decking materials remain looking fresh and clean and cool underfoot under the hot summer sun in New England.

Purchase Your ThruFlow™ Storm Surge Decking

ThruFlow™ offers only the best in customer service, ensuring the ThruFlow™ dispatch team are ready to efficiently ship your decking materials to your New England address. Enjoy ThruFlow™’s durability and longevity, as ThruFlow™ storm surge decking materials are protected by a 12 year warranty against defects.