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Feb, 2018

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With a light weight frame, and unparalleled durability, ThruFlow™ provides deck builders and contractors in Kentucky with the perfect alternative to outdated Aluminum decks. Unlike Aluminum decks, ThruFlow™ is versatile and functional through any weather, ideal for a variety of surfaces such as decks, docks, marinas, piers, walkways, and more. ThruFlow™ is your advanced choice over Aluminum deck products.

An Alternative To Aluminum Decks

ThruFlow™ built decks provide you with a superior surface than traditional Aluminum decks, as ThruFlow™ built decks are water resistant, able to complete avoid the traditional corrosion experienced with Aluminum decks. Also, unlike Aluminum decks, ThruFlow™ decks are UV resistant, and remain cool to the touch even under the hottest Kentucky sun.

Time Saving Aluminum Deck Replacement

ThruFlow™ has grown to be the number one Aluminum deck replacement in Kentucky and is available in a wide range of colors and sizes. ThruFlow™ decking materials provide a secure non-slip surface and easy assembly, that unlike Aluminum decks, never requires ongoing maintenance. Deck builders in Kentucky appreciate that ThruFlow™ avoids the common issues found with Aluminum decks, as ThruFlow™ remains maintenance free, helping free up your time, energy, and budget.

With an advanced design that reduces the lifting effect from waves and storm surge, ThruFlow™ decks are built to last, unlike old fashioned Aluminum decks. ThruFlow™ also boasts a non microbial surface that better protects you from mildew, leaching, rot, and insect growth than Aluminum decks. ThruFlow™ remains the best available deck surfacing alternative to any Aluminum deck on the market today.

Purchase ThruFlow™ Deck Materials Online

Expect only the best in service and support, as the ThruFlow™ team are on hand to ensure your Aluminum deck replacement materials are on their way to you in Kentucky. We protect all of our deck materials with a 12 year warranty against defects to ensure you have peace of mind.