The ThruFlow Sol Series adds a fully integrated solar panel to our signature interlocking panel design. Our Sol panels allow you to take full advantage of valuable space and capture the sun’s natural energy for your boat lift, safety lights, and more.

The Sol panel uses state-of-the-art Italian made solar technology to add power to your dock.

Each ThruFlow Sol panel is 100% walkable and constructed with super-durable reinforced Polymer initially developed for our Surge line. Only one panel is required to power a motorized boat lift, but the potential applications are practically endless. And each of our Sol panels are designed for multiple battery configurations for all your energy needs.

You don’t need to be a scientist or engineer to harness the sun’s energy! Just like our other products, ThruFlow’s Sol panels are easy to assemble and maintenance free. Our Sol panels are also covered by ThruFlow’s lifetime limited warranty, so if you ever experience an issue we’ll always make it right.

**Please note that the Sol Series panel is not available until 2019



One Sol panel produces enough energy to operate a motorized boat lift, but potential applications are endless.

The solar insert is 100% walkable and constructed with super-durable reinforced Polymer, the same material as the Surge Series of panels.