Sol Series

The ThruFlow™ SOL Series adds a fully integrated solar panel to our signature interlocking panel design. Our SOL panels allow you to take full advantage of valuable space and capture the sun’s natural energy for your boat lift, safety lights, and more.  Features include:


  • Power Output

    • 24 Watt

    • 2 Amp

    • 12-13.8 Volt

  • UV Resistant

  • Non-slip surface holds true wet or dry

  • Walkable surface. Solar Cell with protective, gripped surface is flush to the Thruflow panel to allow one to walk on it with regular footwear or bare feet

  • Interlocks with any Thruflow Series 4’ Panels

  • Electrical Leads can be fashioned to work with any system


The Sol panel uses state-of-the-art solar technology you can walk on as you add power to your dock.

Work with your local solar power contractor or electrician with panel specs

One Sol panel produces enough energy to operate a motorized boat lift, but potential applications are endless.

A Sol solar powered dock panel.
A close up of a Sol solar powered dock panel.

The solar insert is 100% walkable and constructed with super-durable reinforced Polymer, the same material as the Surge Series of panels.