Legacy Series

The original ThruFlow™ panel, Legacy, is a revolutionary take on prefabricated panels for decks, docks and walkways. With its easy-to-assemble, maintenance-free design, you can spend less time caring for your ThruFlow products and more time enjoying them. Our flagship Legacy panel uses integrated short glass fibers for extra durability against wear-and-tear. Features include:


  • Maintenance-free

  • Easy to assemble with connecting tabs and elongated screw holes

  • UV Resistant

  • Non-slip surface holds true wet or dry

  • Allows 43% of sunlight to pass through uninterrupted to protect your dock against uplift caused by storm surge and strong winds

  • Open architecture is environmentally friendly to flora and fauna below your dock enabling them to thrive (recommended by the Army Corps of Engineers)

  • Great for residential and commercial applications


The surface of our panels will never get hot under direct sunlight, leaving you free to enjoy your deck or dock in all weather.

Legacy Series panels are light weight and durable, allowing for ease of installation, while providing excellent protection.

A Legacy deck panel.
A close up image of a Legacy deck panel.

The Legacy Series is made from short glass reinforced virgin Polymer producing extra durability against wear-and-tear, rot, insects and UV rays thus making them maintenance-free.

43% of the Legacy panel is ‘open’ allowing sunlight and storm surges to pass through.

Close up of a Legacy deck panel.