Surge Series

The Surge panels’ extreme durability and open design make it a great solution for decks, docks and marinas.  Our Surge panels help safeguard your dock or gangway against uplift and provide a maintenance-free, non-slip surface no matter the weather. With Surge 50 or Surge 60 ThruFlow™ panels, your dock is guaranteed to be safe and sturdy through the most tumultuous weather.  Features include:


  • Maintenance-free

  • Easy to assemble with connecting tabs and elongated screw holes

  • UV Resistant

  • Non-slip surface holds true wet or dry

  • Surge 50 allows 50% of sunlight to pass through (and Surge 60 allows 60%) uninterrupted to protect your dock against uplift caused by storm surge and strong winds

  • Open architecture is environmentally friendly to flora and fauna below your dock enabling them to thrive (recommended by the Army Corps of Engineers)

  • Constructed with new bonding technology incorporating medium strand glass fibers for extra durability against wear-and-tear and gives greater load capacity


Despite the larger open construction, the Surge panels are an extremely durable design.

There are two options – the Surge Series 50 and Surge Series 60. These numbers indicate the percentage of light passthrough, or ‘openness’ of each panel. This openness allows more storm surge water to pass through preventing lifting and damage, while providing greater protection to delicate aquatic life needing sunlight.

A Surge 60 dock panel.A Surge 50 dock panel.
A close up of a Surge dock panel.

As a result of our goal to improve upon the Legacy, the Surge Series panels use medium glass fiber reinforcement allowing them to withstand greater load capacity even though they have a larger passthrough percentage.

Adding elongated screw clearance revolutionizes this panel even further allowing for greater mounting flexibility.

Elongated screw holes in a Surge dock panel.