Impact Series

Our Impact panels combine our trademark eco-friendly, maintenance-free design with consumer-first pricing, so that everyone can enjoy our products.  Features Include:


  • Economically Priced

  • Maintenance-free

  • Easy to assemble with connecting tabs and elongated screw holes

  • UV Resistant

  • Manufactured with virgin polypropylene plastic for greater impact resistance

  • Non-slip surface holds true wet or dry

  • Allows 50% of sunlight to pass through uninterrupted to protect your dock against uplift caused by storm surge and strong winds.

  • Open architecture is environmentally friendly to flora and fauna below your dock enabling them to thrive (recommended by the Army Corps of Engineers)


At ThruFlow™ we believe that a lesser price point shouldn’t mean fewer features or lower quality. Our Impact panels include the same traits that make all our panels such a success with consumers.

A close up of a Surge dock panel.

Impact panels use an unreinforced Polymer construction, which maintains the ThruFlow appearance, strength, and durability while appealing to the cost-conscious consumer.

Elongated screw clearance revolutionizes this panel even further allowing for greater mounting flexibility.

Elongated screw holes in a Surge dock panel.