Welcome to the last decking solution you'll ever need

ThruFlow™ Premium Decking offers industry leading products that are easy to assemble, maintenance free, safe and ideal for any outdoor or marine application. ThruFlow designs and manufactures premium products to withstand all Mother Nature can throw at them. We provide you with worry-free, permanent decking solutions that will always go with the flow.

ThruFlow panels have endless possibilities! QRamp is a Modular Access System for accessibility in a wide range of applications. QRamp is constructed of powder coated aluminum and is complimented with patented ThruFlow decking panels for the running surface which makes it the best quality, most attractive, safest modular ramp available on the market today.   The durable, non-slip ThruFlow panels enable rain, snow and debris to pass through the surface, making it virtually maintenance free.  To learn more about the QRamp Modular Access System visit


ThruFlow panels are durable and maintenance free allowing you to spend more time enjoying your deck or dock, than working on it. Our panels are also safe featuring a heat-resistant, non-slip surface keeping everyone’s feet firmly planted and minds worry free.


We’re confident in our panels’ design and quality, however for added peace-of-mind each of our products is covered by ThruFLow’s Lifetime Limited Warranty. If, for any reason, your ThruFlow panels don’t live up to your expectations, we want you to know we’ll always make it right.


The ecological impact taking place underneath one’s deck, dock or walkway is rarely considered. Sunlight is an integral part of any ecosystem and ThruFlow panels are revolutionary in their ability to allow light to passthrough protecting the delicate aquatic life below.


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