Aluminum Dock Muskoka


Apr, 2017

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ThruFlow™ is the perfect alternative to Aluminum docks and is available to contractors and deck builders in the Muskoka area. ThruFlow™ dock materials provide a strength and longevity that can’t be matched by Aluminum docks, and are a convenient surfacing for docks, decks, marinas, walkways, piers and more. ThruFlow™ gives you an updated and affordable choice over Aluminum dock products.

Keep cool with an Aluminum dock alternative

With a superior design and complete fresh and saltwater resistance, ThruFlow™ docks are far superior to Aluminum docks and altogether avoid the corrosion found with traditional Aluminum docks. ThruFlow™ stays cool to the touch, even under direct sunlight, and provides UV resistance, ensuring your dock remains bright, clean and comfortable through any weather.

Say Goodbye to Outdated Aluminum Docks

ThruFlow™ has quickly risen to become the top Aluminum dock solution in Muskoka, coming in a wide range of colours and sizes. ThruFlow™ decking material presents a secure non-slip surface and provides an ease of assembly that has grabbed the attention of dock builders in Muskoka who have had enough of the problems that arise with Aluminum based docks. Dock builders have begun relying on ThruFlow™ as they understand ThruFlow™ is completely upkeep free, helping bypass the usual issues experienced with Aluminum docks, helping conserve time, energy and cost.

The advanced design of ThruFlow™ helps protect environmentally sensitive areas by reducing the lifting effect from waves and storm surge, helping ThruFlow™ be the perfect maintenance free choice.

ThruFlow™ built docks are a non microbial product, unlike Aluminum docks, that never promote rot, mildew, insect growth or leaching, and never require pre-treatment, finally offering a maintenance free dock that can be safely appreciated for many years. ThruFlow™ provides the absolute ideal in Aluminum dock replacements that’s available on the market.

Access ThruFlow™ Dock Materials Online

Experience nothing but the best in customer service from the ThruFlow™ team, and have your dock materials promptly shipped to your address in Muskoka. With ThruFlow™ you get peace of mind, as we protect all of our Aluminum free dock materials with a 12 year warranty against defects.