Maintenance Free Decking Houston


Jun, 2017

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Give your decking installation strength with high quality maintenance free decking from ThruFlow™. Choose ThruFlow™ for the ideal alternative to wooden or Aluminum decking materials, as our decking materials require no maintenance. Let yourself enjoy reliable and maintenance free decking.

Simple Surfacing

ThruFlow™ offers a secure and non-slip surface, and it’s ease of assembly has made an impression on deck builders in Houston who choose ThruFlow™ first for a maintenance free decking installation within Houston.

Choose ThruFlow™ maintenance free decking and save time, energy and cost replacing your decking. The innovative design of ThruFlow™ decking allows water to pass through while standing up to pressure from storm surge and waves.

Discover Maintenance Free Decking

Don’t let your deck get ruined by the hot sun in Houston, ThruFlow™ decking panels are UV resistant and built to handle any weather found in Houston. ThruFlow™ maintenance free decking is also water resistant, protecting your deck.

Say goodbye to insect growth, rot and leaching with the installation of ThruFlow™ decking, crafted with non microbial materials that never need pre-treatment.

Find Maintenance Free Decking Online

Enjoy your maintenance free decking in Houston, as the ThruFlow™ staff are on hand to ensure your decking is promptly shipped to your location. ThruFlow™ decking is protected by a lengthy twelve year warranty so you can have faith that you are ordering the best decking materials available.