Plastic Decking Maryland


Feb, 2018

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ThruFlow™ remains the perfect plastic decking material for any projects in the Maryland area, as ThruFlow™ plastic decking is unparalleled in strength and durability. ThruFlow™ plastic decking comes in a wide range of colors and sizes, and is ideal for your deck, dock, marina, pier, or walkway project.

Preferred Plastic Decking Material

ThruFlow™’s advanced plastic decking design and easy assembly has allowed ThruFlow™ to become the top plastic decking supplier in Maryland. ThruFlow™ plastic decking frees you from regular decking maintenance, as ThruFlow™ plastic decking requires no re-staining and never experiences corroding, making ThruFlow™ the best replacement for outdated wood or Aluminum decking.

Durable Plastic Decking

ThruFlow™ plastic decking provides an advanced design that allows for maximum water and light penetration, protecting the environment surrounding your plastic decking in Maryland. ThruFlow™ plastic decking also boasts a long and durable life, even in rough water, as ThruFlow™ plastic decking is relieved from the full force of waves and storm surge as water is easily able to penetrate up through the decking.

Cool And Clean Plastic Decking

Keep your deck or dock in Maryland looking bright and clean year round with ThruFlow™ plastic decking, providing a plastic decking surface that is fresh and salt water resistant as well as offering complete UV resistance. ThruFlow™ plastic decking also gives you a safe non-microbial decking surface, completely protecting you from the formation of mildew, rot, and insect growth.

Purchase ThruFlow™ Plastic Decking Today

With an advanced plastic decking design, and superior customer service, the ThruFlow™ plastic decking team are ready to assist you with your plastic decking purchase in Maryland. Enjoy the comfort of knowing that ThruFlow™ plastic decking is backed by a 12 year warranty against defects.