Lifetime Limited Warranty

ThruFlow™ decking panels, including the Aquadek™ decking panel (hereinafter referred to as “ThruFlow product(s)”) are warranted by the Manufacturer ThruFlow Inc. (hereinafter referred to as the “Manufacturer”), subject to the terms and conditions set out below, to be free from defects in material and workmanship that;

  1. Occur as a direct result of the manufacturing process;
  2. Occur under normal use and service; and
  3. Results in cracking, splitting, pealing, blistering, cupping, rotting or structural defects from termites or fungal decay.

The term of the lifetime limited warranty is from the documented date of purchase by the wholesaler, distributor or retail purchaser (hereinafter collectively referred to as “the Purchaser”).

This lifetime limited warranty is void if any of the following occurs;

  1. Improper installation and/or failure to abide by the Manufacturer’s installation guidelines; set out on the Manufacturers website. This includes panels that are modified or cut, in any manner, for any reason.
  2. Movement, settling, distortion, or collapse of the ground or supporting structure in which the Manufacturer’s decking panels are installed;
  3. Naturally occurring events such as earthquakes, tornados, hurricanes, lightning, flooding or Acts of God;
  4. Events of force Majeure – terrorism, hostilities, mobilization or embargo;
  5. Improper handling or storage, neglect or misuse;
  6. Failure of the Purchaser to comply with the product specifications for use and weight in accordance with the guidelines set out on the Manufacturer’s website; Specification Chart.
  7. Failure to comply with the warranty claim process as set out below, in the Manufacturer’s sole and absolute discretion.

This lifetime limited warranty is applicable only to the original purchaser as defined herein, and is not assignable, transferable, and shall not inure to the benefit of the Purchaser’s successors, assigns, executors, administrators, affiliates, subsidiaries and any predecessor and related corporations. The Manufacturer does not recommend this product for all end use applications. This product is intended for deck, dock, marine stairs, boardwalk and piers.

There are not, and shall not, be any verbal statements, representations, warranties, undertakings or agreements other than the limited lifetime warranty as set out herein. The Manufacturer does not assume liability to the Purchaser for any damages, whether general, special, incidental, direct, indirect, inconsequential or punitive, including but not limited to personal injury, property damage, damage to or loss of product, lost profits or revenue arising from the use of ThruFlow products or any breach of the warranty herein.

Color fading and fiberglass exposure resulting from the natural weathering process are excluded from this warranty. Non-uniform color change as a result of equal exposure to sunlight is covered under this warranty. Non-uniform color change resulting from unequal exposure to sunlight is not covered under this warranty. “Normal Weathering” is defined as exposure to ultraviolet light and extremes of weather and atmosphere which will cause any colored or painted surfaces to fade, darken, chalk or acquire a surface accumulation of dirt and stains. Also part of the “normal weathering” process is the appearance of exposed fiberglass (fibers) overtime. The severity of these conditions depends on air quality, the geographical location of your home, and other local conditions over which Thruflow Inc. has no control.


If the ThruFlow product should show any defects in material and workmanship as outlined above, the Purchaser shall notify the Manufacturer in writing within thirty (30) days of discovering the alleged defect and prior to beginning any repair or alteration to the ThruFlow product, as follows;

  1. Contact your local sales rep or call 1-888-478-3569. You will be required to provide the following information;
    1. Original receipts/Sales invoice showing date of purchase;
    2. End user’s name/address and contact details;
    3. Installation location in case a site visit is necessary; and
    4. Pictures of any defects (reason for the claim), picture of entire dock and number of panels, colour and size.
    5. Picture of the date wheel (located on back of panel) 
  2. Send the above noted information by fax, email or regular letter mail to 700 Gillard Street, Wallaceburg, Ontario, N8A 4L3, Canada, Fax number: 1-226-419-0060, Email:
  3. Once all of the above information is submitted, the claim will be reviewed. The Purchaser shall allow the Manufacturer, within a reasonable period of time after the manufacturer has received notice of the alleged defect, to inspect the alleged defective product.
  4. If the Manufacturer determines that the ThruFlow product is defective in accordance with the terms of this warranty, the Manufacturer shall either replace the defective product or offer replacement material at the Manufacturer’s sole and absolute discretion, excluding normal weathering. The Manufacturer will attempt to provide a replacement product as close to the original colour of the ThruFlow product to be replaced as possible, however the Manufacturer does not guarantee an exact match.
  5. The Manufacturer shall not be liable for any labour, installation, removal, or disposal in connection with the said claim.

If the Manufacturer decides to replace the defective product as set out above, The Purchaser shall provide the Manufacturer with proof of destruction. This can be achieved by cutting the panels in half and being placed in a dumpster/recycling bin/dump or removed by waste removal company with photo evidence that the panels will no longer be used by any individual. Photos are to be sent to the manufacture in which the Manufacturer will hold on record.

In the event of replacement of the defective product as set out above, the replaced portion of the ThruFlow product will be warrantied for the full warranty period with the same terms and conditions as stated above.