Solar Dock For British Columbia

Solar Dock For British Columbia

Ready for builders and dock owners in British Columbia, ThruFlow™ provides premium solar dock solutions. Bring your dock in British Columbia to the next level and upgrade with our fully integrated solar dock panels and power your boat lift, safety lights, and other electrical devices with ease. Let our solar dock provide you with cost effectiveness and convenience for years to come.

As a reliable and durable solar dock solution, ThruFlow™ solar panels are available in grey and maple options and are shipped promptly to British Columbia and beyond.

Installing ThruFlow™ Solar Dock Panels?

Experience the difference with our highly efficient solar dock panels, resulting in fewer wires and less ongoing maintenance as your power source is located directly on your dock. Your solar powered dock doesn’t rely on an external power supply which gives you a convenient and safer dock than generator based docks. ThruFlow™ solar power docks give you the ability to further enjoy your surroundings and save your budget.

The Advantages Of ThruFlow™ Solar Dock Panels

ThruFlow™ solar dock panels are ready to take on any weather condition in British Columbia, designed to perform in various weather conditions and temperatures, they don’t require the frequent and costly maintenance and repairs experienced by electrical driven docks.

ThruFlow™ solar powered dock panels offer a premium design and a multitude of benefits:

  • High performance Power Output of 12-13.8 Volt / 2 Amp / 24 Watt
  • A strong 1300+ lbs load capacity designed to be non-slip
  • Constructed to be 70% lighter than other solar dock products: 1.4 lbs/ft²
  • Kept protected with a lifetime limited warranty against manufacturer defects
  • Premium UV protection to ensure your dock remains looking new
  • Solar cells that can handle any foot traffic even bare feet
  • Installed along with any ThruFlow™ Series 4’ Panels
  • Solar panels promptly shipped to British Columbia and beyond

Experience ThruFlow™ Solar Powered Dock Panels

ThruFlow™ solar panels are able to be dispatched directly to you in British Columbia or beyond.

Call us to start your solar dock project, or find the nearest solar dock panel dealer in British Columbia today.