Frequently Asked Questions

What are ThruFlow™ Interlocking Panels?

ThruFlow™ Panels are a reinforced polypropylene decking panel that are the ideal choice for decks, docks, walkways, in the home and around pools and spas. ThruFlow™ is a unique polymer panel that allows water; debris and sunlight to pass through your walking surface, keeping your walking surface clean. Sunlight and water penetration in concert helps to keep vegetation alive, helping to minimize the effect of your walking surface on the environment. Now there’s a new way to increase the usable space in your home with the ThruFlow™ system. Ventilated panels keep air flowing while allowing you to walk freely throughout your attic and increase storage space.

Why should I choose ThruFlow™ Interlocking Panels for my application?

ThruFlow™ Interlocking Panels have the perfect mix of qualities that make it a superior product to many competitors. To compare ThruFlow™ to some competitive products please click here.

What colors does ThruFlow™ come in?

ThruFlow™ is currently offered in three colors; Light Grey, Sea Foam (Off-White) and Maple (Beige). Color is consistent through the entire material.

Are ThruFlow™ Interlocking Panels made of recycled materials?

ThruFlow™ is made from virgin plastic reinforced with mineral fiber and contains no recycled materials. The use of premium virgin plastic allows ThruFlow™ to offer increased load bearing and flexural stiffness properties. This allows ThruFlow™ to be used on 16” centers, like most existing structures, without the need for further support. ThruFlow™ is recyclable (subject to local regulations).

What sizes do ThruFlow™ Interlocking Panels come in?

ThruFlow™ is currently offered in three sizes; Three Foot Panels (12″ x 36″), Four Foot Panels (12″ x 48″), Four by Four Panel (48”x48”) and Five Foot Panels (12″ x 60″).

The three-foot panels are meant to cover approximately 36 inches in length and 12 inches in width with a product thickness of approximately 1.25 inches.

The four-foot panels are meant to cover approximately 48 inches in length and 12 inches in width with a product thickness of approximately 1.25 inches.

The five-foot panels are meant to cover approximately 60 inches in length and 12 inches in width with a product thickness of approximately 1.25 inches.

Will the color of ThruFlow™ change?

ThruFlow™ panels should not change color significantly (more than 15% from new) over the first 7 years of exposure.

Do ThruFlow™ Interlocking Panels come with a warranty?

Yes, ThruFlow™ has a limited warranty. The ThruFlow™ limited warranty offers coverage against material defects in workmanship and materials, and against rot, decay and termite damage. The total life expectancy for ThruFlow™ interlocking panels is dependent on U/V Exposure. Accelerated age testing is ongoing and to date we know of no environmental factors that harm or cause significant deterioration to ThruFlow™. Click here to download the ThruFlow™ warranty.

How do I dispose of ThruFlow™ panels? Can it be taken to a landfill?

ThruFlow™ contains no toxic preservatives and is recyclable. Please consult your local authorities on whether you need to recycle ThruFlow™ construction waste or dispose of with regular construction waste.

Where can you buy ThruFlow™ Interlocking Panels and how much does it cost?

ThruFlow™ is available through a network of regional distributors and local dealers. You can call 1-888-478-3569 for the dealer or distributor nearest you or click on our BUY NOW button to locate a dealer near you now. You’ll find that ThruFlow™ is very competitive in cost to premium grades of decking lumbers. And, since ThruFlow™ panels never require stains or sealants for protection, you will be dollars ahead in the future.

What types of fasteners are recommended for ThruFlow™ Interlocking Panels?

We recommend high quality screws such as #10 or #12 pan head stainless steel screw to take advantage of ThruFlow’s™ longevity. Pre-drilling is not required as the holes are molded in with a countersink for your convenience; screws should be clear through the panel and fastened into the material of your structural frame. Remember not to tighten the screw down to allow for expansion or contraction.

Are ThruFlow™ Interlocking Panels structural?

No. While ThruFlow™ is tough and durable, it does not have the same stiffness as wood. Therefore, it is not intended for use as a load-bearing structural member.

What joist spans should I use for my dock, deck or walkway when using ThruFlow™?

For ThruFlow™ panels, the joist spacing should be 16″ on center for all applications (18” for 3’ Product, 15″ for 5′ Product), which is the same span generally recommended for wood. Special applications/loading conditions will require engineering analysis and/or reduced spans, please consult and adhere to your local building code.

Do ThruFlow™ Panels require gapping between panels?

Yes, in both directions. While ThruFlow™ Interlocking Panels will not shrink or swell due to changes in moisture, changes in temperature will cause slight expansion/contraction. Therefore, gapping is required both side-to-side and at the panel ends to allow for thermal expansion/contraction. Rules of Thumb: ThruFlow™ Interlocking Panels should be allowed to grow minimum of 1/16″ in total length (1/32” each end) and 1/32” in total width (1/64” per side) for every 30°F of difference between installation temperature and the hottest temperature expected.

Can ThruFlow™ be painted or stained?

It is not recommended to paint or stain ThruFlow™. Stain will not penetrate well and paint will not adhere well to the panel.

Does ThruFlow™ provide good traction?

ThruFlow’s™ entire walking surface has a knurled finish for 360 Degree slip resistance and has been tested to provide a 0.78 static coefficient of friction.

Can ThruFlow™ be used in full ground contact? Is treating required?

ThruFlow™ is ideal for ground contact applications such as walkways and in-ground pool surrounds. ThruFlow™ is resistant to rot and insects, and absolutely no treating is required.