What types of fasteners are recommended for ThruFlow?

What types of fasteners are recommended for ThruFlow Premium Decking?

We recommend high quality #10 or #12 panhead stainless steel screws (2.5″ length) to take advantage of our panels’ longevity. Pre-drilling is not required as the holes are molded in with a countersink for your convenience; screws should be clear through the panel and fastened into the material of your structural frame. Remember not to tighten the screw down entirely to allow for expansion and contraction.

Our NEW ThruFlow Impact, Surge, and SOL products include elongated screw clearance for greater mounting flexibility. Please Note: Our Legacy panel does not offer elongated screw clearance.

Can’t find #10 or #12 panhead stainless steel screws at your local hardware store? You can order screws with your ThruFlow purchase. One 3’x 1′ panel requires six screws, one 4′ x 1′ panel requires eight screws, one 5′ x 1′ panel requires ten screws, and one 4′ x 4′ panel requires thirty-two screws. Talk to one of our representatives today! Call (888) 478-3569.

Please consult with your local contractor for regional requirements and/or restrictions.