Why should I choose ThruFlow Premium Decking for my application? – ThruFlow

Why should I choose ThruFlow Premium Decking for my application?

A goal of ThruFlow Inc is to prove to customers how our panel out-decks the competition. ThruFlow Premium Decking is simply easier to work with compared to other building materials, such as wood and aluminum. Our panels are lightweight, have tabs that interlock making install a breeze, an elongated mounting clearance feature, and don’t require maintenance over the years. Over time wood rots and can be destroyed in extreme weather. ThruFlow panels won’t need to be replaced due to aging and the open-surface design protects your application against hydraulic pressure and uplift of water and wind. At ThruFlow Inc, we take pride in the way our products contribute to environmental solutions. With our panel, sunlight can reach the vegetation and aquatic life below minimizing the impacts on precious eco-systems.

Remember the time you ran as fast as you could to your beach towel on a wood or aluminum dock because the surface was too hot? ThruFlow Premium decking is UV-resistant staying cool in the summer sun. Wood and aluminum can also become slippery when wet. Feel safe and confident climbing out the water with our panels’ wet or dry 360 degree non-slip surface.

Why use ThruFlow Premium Decking over other open-surface options, you ask? ThruFlow Inc was established in 1991 and continues to grow today. By choosing ThruFlow Premium Decking your getting a quality product and a name backed by solid experience. ThruFlow panels are designed with a reinforced polypropylene making us the leader in strength and durability. Our multiple product series set a standard of strength and provide many industry unique features, giving the customer many options as to the look, feel, and function they want to create. We’re confident in our panels’ design and quality; however, for added peace of mind ThruFlow Inc offers a Lifetime Limited Warranty. Not only do we stand behind our product, ThruFlow Inc believes each and every customer should have an exceptional experience through open communication, the friendliest of customer service, and follow up. The ThruFlow team is excited about your project and want to work with you from start to finish.

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