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What is ThruFlow Premium Decking?

ThruFlow Premium Decking boasts five innovative product series of polypropylene decking panels; your ideal choice for decks, docks, walkways, on stairs, at spas, around the pool, and in the home. Our straight polymer panel series (Impact, Aqua-Dek) and reinforced panel series (Legacy, Surge, and SOL) offer strength and stability for years to come. ThruFlow Premium decking panels are lighter than other building materials, easy to work with, and maintenance-free. The applications are functional, attractive, and practically endless. Choose from our three colour options: Light Grey, Maple (beige), and Seafoam (off-white).

ThruFlow Premium Decking was originally used in pig barns to keep facilities cleaner and livestock healthier as waste could fall through the spaces of the panel. We then realized the profound capabilities of such a concept in the marine industry. Our products are created with a unique open-surface design that allows water, debris, and sunlight to pass through your walking surface. This feature also protects against hydraulic pressure and uplift of the panel during extreme weather. Sunlight and water penetration also help vegetation below to stay alive and thrive, minimizing the effect of your walking surface on the environment. You can be confident and comfortable walking on ThruFlow Premium Decking with its engineered anti-static and 360 degree non-slip surface. ThruFlow is also UV-resistant staying cool in the summer sun; unlike wood or aluminum.

ThruFlow Premium Decking can also be used inside your home. For example, our panels will keep the air flowing and ventilate your space. Panels make great steps for stairs, offer steady footing in the shower, and we’ve also seen them used to build sturdy shelving units in the garage.

Do you have any DIY ideas using ThruFlow Premium Decking? Post your projects on Facebook (ThruFlow Premium Decking System) or give us a call at (888) 478-3569!