Where can you buy ThruFlow Premium Decking?

Where can I buy ThruFlow Premium Decking, and how much does it cost?

ThruFlow Premium Decking is available through a network of regional distributors and local dealers. Do you need a finished dock system clad with ThruFlow Premium Decking, a contractor who builds with ThruFlow, or simply a retailer who stocks our panels? Our website’s interactive ‘Find a Dealer’ page can help you find exactly what you’re looking for. Use the clickable options to isolate your search. Your ThruFlow Premium Decking solution is waiting! Click here to find your nearest dealer.

You will find that ThruFlow products are very competitive in cost when compared to premium grades of decking lumber and composite options. Wood rots and doesn’t hold up in extreme weather. We’ve talked to many customers who made the switch to ThruFlow Premium Decking because they were tired of keeping up or replacing their timber projects year after year. Apply our panels once! With this safer, no-maintenance solution, you’ll have peace of mind and be dollars ahead in the future.

Are you having trouble finding a local ThruFlow Premium Decking retailer? We’ll help you find what you’re looking for! Call our friendly customer service representatives today at (888) 478-3569!